It's time to hold yourself accountable. Many have begun to take control of their lives and are loving the results.  Below are heartfelt testimonials from our clients, whom we take great pride in serving. 

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I thoroughly enjoyed my hypnotherapy session. I was in total control at all times, however I was still able to experience the benefits of hypnosis so that I can uncover the root of my issue. It is definitely recommended. There is such calm and reassurance working with Kali. There is a sense of knowing that all will be ok.

Nessa M.

The first session has already brought me more awareness. Working with Kali Alexia has brought an enlightening perspective. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

Sandra B.

The first thing that she taught me was how to calm my mind and my spirit. Whew, I needed that. Once I was calm, I could really get to the root of my issues and focus on what I wanted and needed to do. It has been an incredible journey and I am glad I finally decided to work with Kali. Self-care is really where it is at!

Joy C.

The session allowed me to become increasingly relaxed. I was pleased that I was so relaxed I was ok with not taking care of what I had planned to do for the evening.

Sandra H.

Working with Kali, feels like a safe space. I am growing more calm and accepting of myself. I really wanted a change in my life, and I never felt like I was in safe space or around people who would understand. Deciding to work with Kali is the best thing that I’ve done.

Kalya N.

Since working with Kali, I’ve become more aware of my emotions and I’ve learned to identify and manage my stress triggers. I can’t recommend her enough.

Tracy W.

Before my experience, my anxiety and stress levels were through the roof with no proper outlet. I learned that I’m not Superwoman - and that’s ok! I understand now that I can’t please everyone, and that its not selfish for wanting to put (me) first at times. I also learned that when things get overwhelming, I don’t have to suffer, but instead I can go to (that place of serenity) created just for me, where I can just BREATHE and RESET. I see more sessions forthcoming, but the sense of internal calmness I felt afterwards was truly worth the experience; I will forever be thankful.

Antoinette P.

I have been hesitating to work with Kali only because of my own stubbornness and thinking that I can do things on my own. When I finally got tired of doing the same thing and getting the same awful result, I finally decided to book a call and work with Kali to finally conquer the things that have been holding me back. I regret not making the decision sooner. Transformational.

Nicole S.

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired. One of the first things she told me is that the transformation happens when I decide it is time for it to happen and when I decide not to let anything stand in my way. I realized then that I was making excuses. I had excuses for my excuses. I didn’t have time, I didn’t have the money, there’s a lot on my plate. When I decided enough was enough and we started working together, she called me out on all my b.s. She saw right through it. I was comfortable in my misery and enjoyed complaining about where I wasn’t and thought I should be. The time that we worked together, shifted me completely. I’ve gotten honest with myself and now I decide what I want for my life and I go after it. I am so much happier. PERIOD! Kali is the real deal!

Alicia B.

I am learning to work through my anxiety. This was an issue that I needed to address for a while now. It

stopped me from doing so much. I have already been able to conquer a fear that has held me back for so

Audrey W.

    I have been a client of Kali's for some time now, she has supported me thru many difficult times. She is a calm, voice of reason and compassionate, sound, trustworthy, honest guidance. Kali has assisted me in uncovering hidden strengths that I didn't know I possessed so that I can control my life's path as opposed to letting it control me. I am certain that my continued sessions with Kali will assist in my making positive changes for my future.

    Colleen H.

    I’ve been putting myself last for so long, I didn’t know how to focus on myself. We started working together and one of the first things she asked me was what did I want. I had no idea, no one had ever asked me that. The more we worked together the clearer I became about the need to set boundaries and to put myself first. For the first time in my adult life, I am working towards the things I want and it feels incredible. I’ve ended relationships and I’ve started a business, all things that I have always wanted to do. If you are hesitating to work with Kali, DON’T! Plain and simple.

    Sarah A.

    She understands my perspective and goals and was able to guide me through all the things challenge me. Even that parts that were uncomfortable, she helped me through it and the results were definitely worth it. I’ve grown more calm, less aggravated, I have more restful sleep, more confidence and more hopeful about the future. It has been such a good experience. I’m glad I did it. I’m usually still processing days after a session, but I am so grateful I made the decision to work with Kali.

    May A.

    Working with Kali has been a TRYING but AMAZING! When I first started meeting with Kali, I thought this was going to be “oh I’m seeing another person”, to tell me I’m crazy, or tell me ”oh how does that make you feel”? But this was COMPLETELY different. Kali actually listened to me, made my feelings feel valid, all the while making sure I knew that I couldn’t give up on myself! Making myself a priority was and is still very hard for me, but one thing I will always remember from her is, “you are the priority, if you are not ok, how can you be ok for anyone or anything else”? The results I have seen have been tremendous! Just looking back at myself, I am nowhere near where I was a year ago. I’m not the same person I was when I started this journey in December. Working on myself, my patience, my peace, has taken a major turn! The things that have shifted in my life are my perspective of myself. Things I can’t control, I just can’t control. Also, being able to tell when I’m not ok, being able to voice my opinions when I used to be so shut off. Knowing that it’s ok to cry, but the “Pick yourself up” after is what matters. Pushing myself and doing things for ME, and not anyone else. The year ago me, the two year ago me, the 3 year ago me, wasn’t in this place I am in now. Being able to look at my own self and see my own growth is amazing to me! I would absolutely recommend her services to any and everybody who is WILLING to take themselves seriously. Kali is one to make you check yourself, love on yourself, pick yourself back up, trust yourself, and hold yourself ACCOUNTABLE!

    Rhea P.

    I had never went to therapy before attending a session with Kali. I have had issues with anxiety for several years and thought a session with Kali might help with the anxiety and panic attacks. It did. Kali created a safe environment for me; one of the safe places for me was the sea. But it was only safe with her because she's extremely supportive. I felt very comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings, and found it to be very powerful to know that I am not alone in what I have been going through. I am always looking forward to our session. “I was terrified before hand. I had never talked about my story to people. My goal was to face my fear and bring the wall down and I have made a big step. I have let myself be more open after my therapy experience with Ms. Kali Richardson. I recommend all of my clients & friends to take one hour a month out of their day to enjoy a session with her. It's amazing! It's powerful! It gives you strength! Its love, peace, & happiness. 


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