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Kali is a female entrepreneur focused on helping women know their worth and achieve their dreams. She believes that women can truly have everything that they want by finally focusing on themselves.   

In 2014, Kali lost her uncle who was a second father to her and in 2015, she divorced her husband of 14 years. Kali lost her grandmother in July 2016 and her brother unexpectedly in November 2016. In September 2017, Kali survived two (2) category 5 hurricanes that devastated her island home of St. Thomas.  The recovery period was long and difficult. In 2019, things started to emotionally fall apart for Kali. She developed anxiety and a mild case of insomnia and eventually learned that her usually coping mechanisms were no longer working. A therapist helped her to realize that she had suffered a significant loss every year since 2014 and she had not properly grieved as life was still too demanding.  At this low, point Kali began to re-evaluate her life and decided that a change was needed. Her first love had always been Psychology and she worked as a Social Worker/Counselor early in her career, but she knew that she did not want to work clients in that manner. She wanted to help clients focus on the possibilities of the future. Kali began taking various courses and took a coaching certification course and fell in love instantly. Coaching was the tool that helped clients focus on their futures. After taking the course and working with her first client, her anxiety and insomnia disappeared almost instantly. Soon after, Kali was introduced to the world of hypnotherapy and realized that this was the tool that could accelerate her client’s results and help them to understand the root causes of their issues. 

Kali Alexia helps women focus on the 4 Pillar of Success: The Person, The Purpose, The Palace, The Profession. The 4 pillars are explored to help women identify the obstacles to their success. Her approach helps women clear the mind-field of excuses that keeps them from getting everything that they want. She helps women create the mental, physical and emotional environments that ensures their professional and overall success. As a hypnotherapist she incorporates deep relaxation and focused mediation in her practice to help clients achieve their goals.    

Kali is grounded by her wonderful and close-knit family that taught her that love is verb - what you do and not what you say. She believes that good friends will always tell you the truth even when it hurts and that life is simple; but people make it complicated. She also believes that life is as simple as a choice - this or that; while you may not like the choices you have, the choice is still yours and once the decision is made, you must be prepared to live with the consequences of that choice.   

Kali loves spending her time on the beautiful beaches of her island home - St. Thomas, spending quality time with her 2 beautiful children, and traveling with friends and learning more about herself through journaling and reflection.

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